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My name is Ivo Näpflin.

I started taking digital pictures in 2003. I've had my own cameras since 2004. Since 2005, I've been taking pictures with a digital single-lens reflex camera. I've always been fascinated by photography. I loved taking pictures with my parents' camera when we were on holidays. I particularly remember one picture of the facade of the World Trade Center in New York City in 1996.

Still today, I love taking photos of architecture and urban landscapes. But I don't want to restrict my photography to simple concrete, steel and glass. I especially like capturing the contrast between the city and the people who inhabit it. That's why I'm enthusiastic about event photography, whether it's on festivals, sporting events, outdoor trips, parties or conferences.

To me, photography is to spot something that others don't see, to capture it and to show it to them.

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