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See (extern link)SourceForge.net project for developer information.


The following downloads contain the whole source code of my application. If you do not want to occupy with the programming, but only with the simulation, I recommend to download only the simulation.


The following source codes are (extern link)Xcode projects. To use them optimally, you need (extern link)Mac OS X 10.3. The Developer Tools included in Mac OS X 10.2 are partially compatible. To create my application, I used the programming environment (extern link)Cocoa with the programming language (extern link)Objective-C.


The software provided on this website is available under the (extern link)Creative Commons Licence (extern link)ShareAlike 1.0. This means you have the right to copy it, change it, extend it, as long as your product is available under the same or an equivalent licence. The licence is also available on my website licence.


The date written next to the different versions shows when it was last changed.


Version 0.2.3

(download)Evolution 0.2.3 2004-12-24
- function to delete all animals
- new appearance
- function to reset the round counter
- possibility to stop the simulation at a any desired population size
- some simulation variables are available to the user

Version 0.2.2

(download)Evolution 0.2.2 2004-11-07
This version features some appearance improvements: the windows are optimized and an application icon is added to then project. Furthermore, this version contains an English localization.

Version 0.2.1

(download)Evolution 0.2.1 2004-10-14
This is the version that is included in the printed version of my documentation.

Version 0.2

(download)Evolution 0.2.0 2004-08-30
This is a major upgrade. There is a possibility to export an animal list to a HTML file. Many functions are abstracted or even deleted. To achieve a better creation of species I added Food1 and Food2 to this version. The animals are forced to concentrate on either one or the other.

Version 0.1.3

(download)Evolution 0.1.3 2004-05-12

Version 0.1.2

(download)Evolution 0.1.2 2004-05-12

Version 0.1.1

(download)Evolution 0.1.1 2004-05-12

Version 0.1

(download)Evolution 0.1 2004-05-12
This is a major upgrade.

Version 0.0.5

(download)Evolution 0.0.5 2004-05-12

Version 0.0.4

(download)Evolution 0.0.4 2004-04-25

Version 0.0.3

(download)Evolution 0.0.3 2004-05-04
This is the first version with a running simulation.

Version 0.0.2

(download)Evolution 0.0.2 2004-04-14
This is a collection of some experiments, that will help me building a working simulation.

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